About Us

About the School

The International School of Shiatsu, Doylestown, Pennsylvania, was founded by Saul Goodman in 1977 in Langhorne, PA. After 23 years, the shiatsu school moved from Doylestown to Plumsteadville, PA.

The 850 hour curriculum combines traditional Shiatsu, Zen Shiatsu, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Masunaga meridians, Macrobiotics and Saul Goodman’s Shin Tai, Life Force Recovery and Light Body Activation.

Shirley Scranta, owner and director, graduated from the Practitioner Program in 1996. A graduate of Millersville and Villanova, Scranta works with the healing power of organic foods and macrobiotics.

Statement of Purpose

I.S.S. supports the advancement of the students toward their own individual goals. Whether students intend to pursue training to become full or part-time practitioners, to use Shiatsu as an adjunct to existing skills, or for personal development, the program can be of great benefit. Shiatsu provides a framework for students who desire to grow personally, develop professional practitioner skills and help other people.

Professional Affiliations

I.S.S. supports the mission, educational standards and ethical guidelines of the AOBTA (the American Organization for Bodywork Therapies of Asia). Students are encouraged to become student, associate, and professional members of the AOBTA. ISS graduates are eligible for professional level memberships. Check details at www.aobta.org

For your state’s licensing regulations, see www.abmp.com.


The teaching staff is comprised of experienced, practicing professionals who teach in their respective areas of expertise. A close, supportive relationship exists between the administration, faculty and students. Class size is limited to 20.


Director: Shirley Scranta, M.S., Dipl. ABT, NCCAOM, CP AOBTA, HHC
Curriculum Director: Saul Goodman, founder, author, C.I. AOBTA**
Administrative Assistant: Morna Glemser
Billing: Kathleen Smith


Guest Lecturers

ISS Shiatsu Practitioners & Graduates

Call I.S.S. for appointments with our resident practitioners or for a referral to an I.S.S. graduate in your area. Our practitioners and graduates have a wide variety of experiences and specialties. They are available for workshops, lectures, and on-site Shiatsu treatments.

Shiatsu Student Practicum

From October to August, on the first Saturday of the month, the supervised student clinic is open to the public. This is a great opportunity for the public to experience Shiatsu sessions with our current students who are completing the Practitioner Program. The 60 minute sessions are at a reduced fee of $40.

For the Shiatsu session, the client wears soft flexible cotton clothing, clean socks and lies on a cotton futon mat. The student practitioner will interview the client, assess the energy condition, and select appropriate techniques using stretching and pressure along meridians. At the end of the session, students provide recommendations based on client’s needs. The student’s work is then evaluated and discussed within the class structure.

To be added to our annual clinic mailing list, email learnshiatsu@gmail.com or call 215-766-2800

Shiatsu Sessions

Appointments are available with ISS Shiatsu Practitioners, Shiatsu Shin Tai Practitioners, Asian Bodywork Therapists, and Massage Therapists who offer Massage, Shiatsu, Shiatsu Shin Tai, Sacred Geometry, Theta DNA, Reiki, Reflexology and Pregnancy Massage. The typical session is $85 for 60 minutes. Longer sessions are available upon request. All sessions are by appointment learnshiatsu@att.net or 215-766-2800

Corporate meetings, Conferences

Our I.S.S. students and graduates appear at many cultural events throughout the year. They are also available for corporate meetings or conferences. Call at least six months in advance to schedule.  215-766-2800

Office Hours

Monday through Friday, 10:00am to 4:00pm EST.  Most staff members are graduates of I.S.S. and Shiatsu practitioners who can answer your detailed questions. +1 215-766-2800 – learnshiatsu@gmail.com”

Affiliated I.S.S. Schools

The first affiliated European school was begun as part of the International Macrobiotics Institute located in Kiental, Switzerland. Some of the graduates and instructors, who studied with Saul Goodman, established similar schools and programs. Since then, teaching centers have developed in Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Spain, Portugal and Croatia. All centers are independently owned and have their own curriculum.