Program Catalog

Program Catalog

Welcome to International School of Shiatsu!  We’ve been training excellent shiatsu practitioners since 1977. We offer professional career training, continuing education workshops, health and wellness programs & QiGong, shiatsu & various bodywork sessions, tai chi classes, meditation, yoga, and Macrobiotic cooking classes & macro counseling.

Shiatsu Career Training

Start today. Enroll for the Beginner’s Weekend or Evening course. In twelve hours, you’ll learn the theory of shiatsu and nurturing touch, a self-development exercise and the whole body outline using palm and  thumb pressure. Classes are offered four times per year.

Apply for enrollment in the full 850 hour Shiatsu Foundation and Practitioner Programs. Students must provide completed application, three references, high school diploma  or equivalency, current driver’s license or other photo  id.    Applications are reviewed each month.

Schedule classes

Courses are available in full time and part time schedules. Email us at for more information.

The Foundation Program includes 350 hours of theory, lecture and hands-on development and refinement of techniques. Outside reading, study and treatments are required. Students may take weekend courses for 12 months or attend 4 intensive courses for 3 months.

The Practitioner Program (500 hours) requires an addtional 18 months.     Students study 120 hours of advanced techniques, 100 hours of supervised clinical experience. Additional classes include business skills, communications, and ethics. After meeting all requirements, graduates may join The American Organization for Bodywork Therapies of Asia ®    ( ) as professional members.


Licensed by the Pennsylvania.

Member of the AOBTA ®’s Council of Schools, www.aobta ®.org.

Shiatsu Center For Health and Wellness

Individual appointments are available, Monday-Friday with certified Shiatsu Practitioners. Choose from Shiatsu, Shin Tai, Manual Lymph Drainage, Chakra Integration, Acupressure Facial and Arcturian Healing Light or Bridge Method Healing.

On-going courses for health and wellness: Tai Chi, QiGong, Yoga, Meditation and Macrobiotic and Healthy Foods Cooking classes are given on an ongoing basis.   For a current schedule, call +1 215-766-2800

Shiatsu Foundation Program

Could one course change your life? Absolutely! Try the Intro to Shiatsu, Beginner’s Course and learn how you can improve the health and wellness of yourself, family and friends. In 12 hours,  learn the theory of shiatsu, learn the hands-on sequence and then feel the effects of the shiatsu.

NOTE: Everyone can learn shiatsu! If you have any questions, let us know! For those with knee, hip or weight issues, call us-there are massage table options.

Beginner’s  Weekends

Most students begin their studies in July, September or January.   Call the Director f Admissions to plan your courses for most efficient use of your time.    +1 215-766-2800

Shiatsu Foundation Program Levels I, IA, II, and III, 350 hours

Learn hands-on techniques, practice and refine each new technique. The learning may be intense,  but  imagine receiving shiatsu in every class! Be nurtured while you learn!

Call now and let us know your interest in future courses. We plan more courses based upon numbers of students ready to enroll. Don’t see your needs met by this schedule? Call us!

Shiatsu level one is available as weekends part time or intensives full time scheudles:

Registration by phone

Call +1 215-766-2800


Registration requires payment by cash, check, credit cards.

Payment plans must be arranged prior to class.

Dates may vary based upon enrollment numbers, instructor’s availability and weather conditions

Housing Information sent upon request

NOTE: ISS reserves the right to reschedule, cancel or postpone courses. Call to verify before booking housing

Students make their own arrangements with hotels or local families.
Practitioner Program: 500 Hours – 18 months, two weekends per month, plus several Friday evenings and occasional weekdays.
Advanced shiatsu techniques include shin tai, massage basics, fascia, sciences of anatomy, pathology, kinesiology, physiology, Oriental medical theory, Supervised Clinical experience, communications, business development,ethics. Call for latest schedule. Courses are usually offered on first and third weekends of the month.

NOTE: We reserve the right to reschedule, postpone or cancel courses based upon enrollment and/or weather conditions.

Call to verify dates and costs before making travel arrangements.

+1 215-766-2800

Housing: Students must   arrange for their own housing with local hotels or local families.

Become a shiatsu instructor. If you are a graduate of the our program you qualify for teacher training studies. Courses will be offered on the last weekend of each month. Please call for more information.

Continuing Education Workshops are offered throughout the year at our shiatsu center. Call for information. Currently scheduled Manual Lymph Drainage, May 14-15, June 3-6, August 3-4 and August 13-14 2016 Courses taught by Lisa DiFalco, from MLD Institute. Total of 60 NCBTMB CE hours available.