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Office Hours:  10-5:00  (215) 340-9918  or email us at learnshiatsu@gmail.com
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CE Courses: Manual Lymph Drainage April 15-16, May 14-15, June 3-5 MLD Manual Lymph Drainage Classes with Elise DiFalco ~~~~~~~ Call     215-340-9918 to register

Intro to Shiatsu, Beginner's Weekend:
 2016 classes:  July 9-10, Sept. 10-11

Hands-on learning. 12 hours $369.00 repeat fee $75.00
Learn the Whole Body sequence to enhance the immune system and support optimum health. Required before enrollment in  Foundation Program.

Shiatsu Clinic & Open House:  Observe shiatsu clinic or schedule appt for $40 for session with students & practitioners.   Clinic dates are   May 7, June 4, July 9, August 6th. Clients remain fully clothed. Sessions are in a large classroom setting supervised  by instructor. 

Enrollment dates: April 1, July 1, Sept. 1 Applicants must include high school diploma or GED, photo driver's license and references. Next cycle Full time classes: Level One July, Call for more details. Part time weekend schedule for Practitioner program currently runs 18 months, two weekends per month. Call for schedule.
2016 Continuing Education Courses:

Advanced skills for shiatsu practitioners, Physical therapists, massage therapists: Thai Massage Intro, May 21-22 $295. Thai Level One Supine June 18,19,25,26 9:00-6:00 32 hours, $639. Thai Level Two Prone, September 17,18,24,25 9:00-6:00 $639. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2016 Governing Vessel and the Spine, 36 hours. In 6 days, learn to assess the body, identify the priority and gently move the energy. Class hours 10-6:30, tuition: $695. TBA for 2017 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lymph Drainage (Vodder style) 48 hour certification with Elise DiFalco at ISS Doylestown location! www.mldinstitute.com~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2016 August 5-6 MLD 101 Full body, $300 and May 14-15 MLD 102 Med Spa, MLD 103 Lymphlift face, neck, head $300 June 3-5 MLD 104-106 Pregnancy, Sports, Sensory Integration $450. Each day 9-5:00 Next level August 13-14, European Bandaging $395. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Shiatsu Instructor Training: Learn to teach the whole body outline of Beginner's weekend. Open to those who have completed the Foundation Program. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Experiential classes: Amazing Sound Healing workshop: 2016 August 3-7th $795. How does your body receive and respond to sound?~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Arcturian Healing Light, Part One July 14-15 $350 with Gene Ang and Arcturian healing Light, Part Two July 16-17 with Gene Ang $350

Welcome to Shiatsu...


Located in Bucks County, PA, the International School of Shiatsu offers hands-on career training for those who are looking to create a fulfilling career that nurtures and encourages people to maximize their health and wellness. By learning the meridian pathways and assessing the priority, practitioners learn to move the old stress patterns, move the chi and allow the client to live more fully in the present. The goal is for the students and the clients to become more fully engaged in their lives. Students enjoy the hands-on learning and immediate feedback. As they become more skilled, students learn to create individualized sessions for a client's current condition. Students use palm pressure, thumb pressure and sometimes knee pressure along the energy pathways to clear stagnation and create a balance of energy for the clients. Students receive enthusiastic feedback as clients feel energized, relaxed and empowered. Best of all, students experience the same as they receive shiatsu in classes. Students learn to work from the hara and the heart, helping individuals and their communities. Shiatsu is an amazing career option.
Since shiatsu considers the whole life story of the clients, the 850 hour curriculum includes Masunaga's Zen Shiatsu, Kushi's Macrobiotics, Saul Goodman's Shiatsu Shin Tai and theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Energy development includes Qigong, Do-in, Meridian stretches, Eight Pieces of Brocade, and Healing Sounds. Students learn to look for root causes of imbalances and then gently guide the client to make better choices.
The International School of Shiatsu Mission::
         1. Train, nurture and support our students while developing their skills to               become excellent practitioners of Shiatsu and Shiatsu Shin Tai.
         2.  Provide on-going training and support in advanced bodywork.
         3.  Provide the experience of Shiatsu to the general public. 
         4.  Educate the public to improve health and wellness.
         5.  Provide a training program for teaching assistants.
         6.  Train, nurture and support  teachers of  Shiatsu.

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