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Office Hours:  office hours 10-5:00  (215) 340-9918  or email us at learnshiatsu@gmail.com
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Consumer Alert:  Check credentials of your practitioners. Be sure you know they are qualified and belong to appropriate professional associations.  In shiatsu sessions, clients always remain fully clothed.   If you have consumer complaints, call the Harrisburg office of Consumer Protection.

Become  a  Shiatsu Practitioner

Intro to Shiatsu, Beginner's Weekend:
 2014 classes:  ,  Nov.29-30 ,  January 3-4 2015

       Hands-on learning. 12 hours  $289.00 repeat fee $75.00
Learn the Whole Body sequence to enhance the immune system and support optimum health. This course is required before enrollment in  Foundation Program Shiatsu Level One.

Enrollment process:

  1. Attend open house and clinic on First Saturday or recieve a treatment from I.S.S. staff
  2. Take Introduction to Shiatsu/Beginner's Weekend
  3. Complete application & interview with director
  4. Complete enrollment form, fee of $25.  This fee is waived if all forms are completed one month prior to class start. 
  5. Register for Level One: intensives, evenings, weekends or Mondays
  6. Schedule your practice clients: your family, friends and business associates

Shiatsu Clinic & Open House:  Come to observe what a shiatsu session is! Or schedule your appointment now for $40 for one hour session with advanced students.    Next clinic is  December 6, January 10.  Note: You remain fully clothed and all sessions are in a large classroom setting supervised  by an instructor. 

Change your life, start a new career! Enroll now for Foundation Program, 2015.  Become a part of the natural health movement, become a shiatsu practitioner. span>

 Intro to Shiatsu, Beginner's Weekend 12 hours $289, repeat fee $75.
  Nov. 29-30 or January 3-4th   9:00-4:30
Learn the Whole Body sequence to help others improve their physical, emotional and spiritual health.

After Intro to Shiatsu, the next Foundation Program course is Shiatsu Level One, 100 hours
two weekends each month, January through April. Level Two is May-August Level Three is Sept-December. Then continue with the Practitioner Program on a weekend basis. Or choose the Intensive, Full Time format for one year: Mondays-Thursdays 9-4:30 Level One: January 12-February 5 and Level Two: February 9-March 5, Level Three: March 9- April 2 Practitioner Program is May-December.

After completion of the Foundation Program, Practioner Program is 18 months, two weekends per month. Enrolled students may request a printed schedule of courses..
New Courses offered:
2014 Dec.  3-4 light Body Activation Proprioceptive Exercises  $200.
2014 Continuing Education Courses:

upcoming courses: Intention & Spoon Bending with Gene Ang was a great success. Next course June 21, 2015
The Bridge Method with Pete Veltri was enlightening and activated a new way to work on clients. Next session will be in January of 2015.
Manual Lymph Drainage Dec.15-16 for 14 CE hours and January of 2015 for parts 3,4
CPR Dec. 8th. 10-12:30 $45 Ethics, Dec. 11th, $95.00 9-4:30 Shiatsu for the Massage Table, Dec. 12-13 $260. Teacher Training Program begins February 28, 2015 Call if interested.


Welcome to Shiatsu...


Become a Shiatsu Practitioner! Feel energized, relaxed and empowered! Develop your own specialty and set your own schedule.   The immediate feedback from clients is so rewarding.

Courses are based upon the theories of Masunaga Zen Shiatsu, Kushi Macrobiotics, Traditional Chinese Medicine and & Saul Goodman's Shiatsu Shin Tai. 
If you have a desire to help others and to improve your own life,  study Shiatsu! If you've never experienced Shiatsu, attend our clinics, an Intro Weekend Course or find the nearest I.S.S. graduate and feel the difference in your own body immediately.  Shiatsu takes into consideration the whole life story of the receiver, finding the root cause of current conditions, creating balance.

The International School of Shiatsu Mission:
         1. Train, nurture and support our students while developing their skills to               become excellent practitioners of Shiatsu and Shiatsu Shin Tai.
         2.  Provide on-going training and support in advanced bodywork.
         3.  Provide the experience of Shiatsu to the general public. 
         4.  Educate the public to improve health and wellness.
         5.  Provide a training program for teaching assistants.
         6.  Train, nurture and support  teachers of  Shiatsu.



Why study Shiatsu?
Shiatsu offers an antidote to our stress-filled  lives. Touch is essential to life! The faster the pace of living, the more exhausted we become. We live on adrenaline,
Our fast paced society has immediate access to all forms of communications, yet people find their lives empty, their careers unfulfilling. They seek more from life, not sure how to find it. There is an overwhelming need for bodyworkers who are the catalyst for change. By bringing the receiver's attention to their bodies, people begin to seek a healthier lifestyle.  


Who studies Shiatsu?
Anyone interested in energy work, seeking change may be attracted to shiatsu.
Students, ages 18 to 73, from  many varied backgrounds find shiatsu a powerful protocol for transformation. In the Beginner's Weekend, Intro to Shiatsu, students learn to apply palm and thumb pressure following the sequence called Whole Body.

Students of Martial Arts, who are already familiar with the concept of energy, seek to learn the healing qualities of energy. Yoga instructors, nurses, physical therapists, and teachers are attracted to Shiatsu and find many ways to integrate the material to enhance their current career path.

Continuing education hours are available for those who need NCBTMB hours for renewal of licenses. Contact the school for available courses. Check with your association to be sure they'll accept our CE hours.

Open House:
Come to visit Shiatsu Center and the Doylestown.  Observe the students and feel the energy in the classroom. You can observe shiatsu sessions and see how each session is customized to the client's condition. Ask questions and share some time with the current students.

Time commitment:

The Shiatsu Foundation and Practitioner Programs are more than 700 hours. Students may take one course at a time or take several courses in one semester. By taking intensive format courseses, it may be possible to complete the courses more quickly. Depending on your background, it may be possible to complete the entire program in 24 months.  However, the information is intense and most students complete the program in 36 months.

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