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Office Hours:  office hours 10-5:00  (215) 340-9918  or email us at learnshiatsu@gmail.com
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Consumer Alert:  Check credentials of your practitioners. Be sure you know they are qualified and belong to appropriate professional associations.  In shiatsu sessions, clients always remain fully clothed.   If you have consumer complaints, call the Harrisburg office of Consumer Protection.

Become  a  Shiatsu Practitioner
Learn how to improve the health and wellness of family, friends and clients.

Intro to Shiatsu, Beginner's Weekend:
 2014 classes:  April 26-27,  June 7-8 ,  August 30-31 Sept.6-7

       Hands-on learning. 12 CE hours  $289.00 repeat fee $75.00
Learn the Whole Body sequence to enhance the immune system and support optimum health. This course is open to all who wish to improve health, and is required before enrollment in  Foundation Program Shiatsu Level One.

Enrollment process:

  1. Attend open house and clinic on First Saturday or recieve a treatment from I.S.S. staff
  2. Take Introduction to Shiatsu/Beginner's Weekend
  3. Complete application & interview with director
  4. Complete enrollment form, fee of $25.  This fee is waived if all forms are completed one month prior to class start. 
  5. Register for Level One: intensives, evenings, weekends or Mondays
  6. Schedule your practice clients: your family, friends and business associates

Shiatsu Clinic & Open House:  Come to observe what a shiatsu session is! Or schedule your appointment now for $35 for one hour session with advanced students.    Next clinic is  Feb.1, March 1, April 5.  Note: You remain fully clothed and all sessions are in a large classroom setting supervised  by an instructor.  This is not a spa setting: no music, no candles, no fragrances. It's all about the shiatsu that you experience.

Start the Foundation Program, 2014.  Become a part of the natural health movement, become a shiatsu practitioner and help others to live better lives. Take courses as your life allows. You set the pace of study.

 Intro to Shiatsu, Beginner's Weekend 12 hours $289, repeat fee $75.
  April 26-27, 2014  9:00-4:30
Learn the Whole Body sequence to create health and wellness.

Enroll weekends or intensives. 2014 Intensives   Schedule June, August, October complete Foundation Program in 5 months.: 
Shiatsu Level One June 9-30 Monday-Fridays Shiatsu Level Two August 4-28 Monday-Thursdays Shiatsu Level Three October 6-30 Mon-Thurs. 9:00-4:30  16 days!
2015 Intensives: January Level One, February Level Two, March Level three Mondays-Fridays, Weekends off Enroll for 2014 Shiatsu level One Weekends Schedule: 9:00-4:30
    May 10-11,  24-25; June 14-15, 28-29; July 12-13, 26-27;  August 2-3, 16-17

For those completing Shiatsu level two, the next course is Shiatsu Level Three 2014:    100 hours $1689.00
  Weekend Schedule:  May 3-4, 16-17, May 31-June 1,  June14-15, 28-29 9-4:30
                   & GV Spine: July 12-13,19-20, 26-27 Last six days  10-5:30

Shiatsu Foundation Program:

 Intensive Program :  2014 Foundation Program
       January 6-30 Level One,  Jan. 6-30 Level Two,  June-July Level three intensive

After completion of the Foundation Program, Practioner Program is 18 months, two weekends per month.

Practitioner Program: 
Winter Second Quarter:  $2150.00

Anatomy:  Feb 2, ,  March 2,   April 6, 19, 27   $930.     9:30-4:30
Structural Alignment part two $$520. .
March 22-23, 29-30  10:00-5:30
Take the course, repeat to clarify concepts, or assist! Clinic days:  Feb 1, Mar 1, Apr 5, May 3       
Sakura Sunday April 13th, community service day, counts as clinic day
       Cherry Blossom festival Family Day Fairmont Park Phila. 10-4:00
          We offer 10-15 min. shiatsu samplers for all attendees.

Jan. 4   Clinic
Feb. 2 Anatomy begins         Clinic
Anatomy dates: Feb. 2, 23,March 2, 16, April 6,2 7, May 4, 17-18, June 8 Feb.14-16 Fascia 8:30-5:30 For those who completed day one, attend just 15-16th. $440. Mar 1          Clinic
Mar 2          Anatomy
Mar 22-23 Structural alignment part two $520. Day three, four  Part two 10:00-5:30
Mar 29-30      "               "          Day five, six 

April 5   Clinic
April 6    Anatomy
April 13 Sakura Sunday at Fairmont Park, Phila. 10:00-4:00
April 27  Anatomy
******************************End of Winter Quarter
Spring/Summer Session  

Practitioner Program:  tuition varies by courses selected.strong>





Spring-Summer Quarter,  May-August
Supervised Clinic   May 3, June 7, July 5, August 2   9:00-5:30  br /> Anatomy continues May 4, 17-18, June 8 final Pathology  40 hours June 21-22, 28-29; July 6, August 3, 9-10   9:00-3:00  $770.
CV Hara 30 hours     May 24-25 and  May 30,  31, June 1  10-5:30  $595.
Take the course, repeat or assist! GV Spine 36 hours  July 12-13,  19-20,  26-27  10-5:30  $695.  

Take the course, repeat or assist! Kinesiology 30 hours Sundays August 3,10,17,24,31   9:00-4:30  $595.00
Massage 50 hours Mondays May 5,12,19 June 2,9,16,23,30 July 7,14 9:00-3:00 $795.

May 3 Clinic
9-5:30 May 4 Anatomy
    May 5 Massage 9-3 May 12 Massage May 17-18 Anatomy May 19 Massage May 24-25 Conception Vessel Hara
10-5:30 May 30-31-June 1 CV hara
10-5:30 June 7 Clinic
June 8 Anatomy   June 9 Massage
June 21-22 Pathology  June 23 Massage
June 28-29 Pathology   
June 30 Massage
July 5 Clinic
July 6 none July 12-13 GV Spine

10-5:30 July 19-20 GV Spine
10-5:30 July 26-27 GV Spine
Aug. 2 Clinic
Aug. 3 Kinesiology Sundays   Aug. 4 Massage
Mondays Aug.10 Kinesiology Aug.11 Massage Aug.17 Kinesiology Aug.18 Massage Aug.24 Kinesiology Aug.25 Massage final Aug.31 Kinesiology final ********************************End of Spring/Summer Quarter

Practitioner Program
Fall 2014 Quarter   $1900. or $2105. alternate schedule

OMT (Oriental Medical Theory)  48 hours $990.

Supervised Clinic 4days .

Business Devt. 3 days $345.   or alternate schedule Zen Shiatsu $495.
Shin Tai 3 days  $395.    or alternate schedule Fascia Releases $495.
Communications, 2 days $295.
6 Clinic
Sept. 7 OMT
Sept. 20 Business day one or Zen Shiatsu
Sept. 21 OMT
Oct.4 Clinic
Oct.5  OMT
Oct.18 Business day two or Zen Shiatsu
Oct.19 OMT
Nov. 1 Clinic
Nov.2 OMT
Nov.15 Business day 3 or Zen shiatsu
Nov.16 OMT
Nov. 21-23 Shin Tai Integration  or Fascia
Dec.6 Clinic
Dec.7 OMT
Dec.13 OMT
Dec. 14th make up day!

Practitioner Program:

Winter 2015   $
Physiology 48 hours $880.
Kinesiology 30 hours $595.
Massage 50 hours
or Structural Alignment Pt 1 $595, part 2 $595. Clinic  4 days  27 hours  br />
Jan.3 Supervised clinic 9:00-5:30
Jan.4   Massage
8:30-4:30 or Business Day #1
Jan. 17-18 Massage 8:30-4:30 or Structural Alignment Day one&two
Jan. 24-25 Massage or Structural Alignment Day three, four

Feb. 7 Clinic 9:00-5:30
Feb. 8 Kinesiology  8:30-5:00
Feb. 21Massage 8:30-5:30 final
Feb. 22 Kinesiology 8:30-5:00
March 7 Clinic 9-5:30
March 8 Kinesiology 8:30-5:00
March 21 Clinic 8:30-5:00
March 22 Kinesiology 8:30-4:30

April-May Tuina electives
or five animal QiGong.

CPR First Aid: TBA
NJ Laws for Massage Therapists: TBA





Saul Goodman's Shiatsu Shin Tai  Continuing Education Courses
www.shintaiinternational.com  for more course details

Early Registration appreciated 30 days prior to class date!

All course with Saul Goodman are 10-5:30 unless otherwise notified. Arrive early, prepared for class. No perfumes, no gum, no snacks, no jeans, no cell phones. 
Do not ask to arrive late or leave early. 

2013 Dec. 4-5  Proprioceptive Exercises $200.

2014 New Courses offered:
 Couples Shiatsu Weekend  Feb. 15-16   $225.

 Treating Sciatica, addressing structure, soft tissue, energetic components  April 9-10  $225.
 Shin Tai: Cranio-Meningeal work  October 25-26  $225.

2014 Conception Vessel and the Hara May 24-25, May 30-31 and June 1  30 CE hours  $595.

2014 Governing Vessel & Spine  Nov-Dec. 2013 class cancelled
          July 12-13, 19-20,26-27  weekends: $695.00  36 CE hours  repeat $100

2014 Structural Alignment
part one $595. January 18-19& 25-26 
                                         part two $595. March 22-23 & 29-30       24 CE hours each part

2014 Central Channel  Part one
August 15-17th                             18 CE hours
         Central Channel Part two Sept. 26-28th                                 18 CE hours
         Central Channel Advanced, Part three Nov. 20-23                 24 CE hours

2014 Dec.  3-4 Proprioceptive Exercises  $200.


2014 Continuing Education Courses:

We appreciate early registrations at least 30 days prior to class start dates. Two weeks prior to class, we may cancel if minimum number has not been met. Do not expect to just "show up", there may be no class.
Continuing Education approved provider # 450151-06

Diane Hynes Courses:

        Shiatsu on the Massage Table 12 CE hours $289.00

Susan Watson Courses:
         Manifesting your Business 

       Reiki One 7 CE hours, $120
              Reiki Two
                  Reiki Master Class

Barb Panno Courses:

         Thai Foundation
          Traditional Thai Level One
           Traditional Thai Level Two

Shirley Scranta Courses:

           Acupressure Facial 6CE hours $120.00




Welcome to Shiatsu...



Are your ready to be part of the Natural Health Movement? Guide your family, friends and clients to a healthier life, with less stress. If the majority of illness is stress-related, imagine what Shiatsu can do to improve the quality of life for all people.




Shiatsu training, in Doylestown, Pennsylvania,  prepares graduates for a career as a Shiatsu practitioner. Shiatsu, Shiatsu massage, and Asian bodywork therapy all refer to the use of thumb or finger pressure on meridian pathways to balance the body's energy systems. In many places, Shiatsu is considered a form of energywork. 




Shiatsu relieves stress, low back pain, digestive discomfort, headaches and so much more. It also helps with fertility and reproductive issues. How does it work? Shiatsu moves stagnant energy, removes blockages and creates balance in the body's energy systems. By applying firm pressure to energy points, the flow of "chi" or "life force" is restored. Shiatsu practitioners help facilitate this change. The body then begins to heal itself. All major systems begin to improve: digestion, respiration, circulation, elimination and the immune system. The receiver of Shiatsu begins to feel more empowered and responsible for small changes. Over time, the body begins to feel calmer, rejuvenated, balanced and more energized.


Continual stress leads to pain and illness. Ignoring the body's signals for sleep, exercise, nourishing foods, and equally nurturing relationships cause more stress and  illness. People who realize the importance of change seek Shiatsu as a framework to help them make changes in their lives. Imagine having the skills and expertise to help yourself and others make better choices every day.  Do friends and family come to you for suggestions?  Do you enjoy working with people? Are you wanting to make changes in your own life?



Learn this life-enhancing skill that will become a way of life--not just a career. Feel energized, relaxed and empowered! Develop your own specialty and set your own schedule.  Help clients re-connect with their real energy.

The International School of Shiatsu has been training excellent Shiatsu practitioners since 1977.  Shiatsu is energy-based therapy, using pressure from hands and palms to balance the flow of chi in the body. Courses are based upon the theories of Masunaga Zen Shiatsu, Kushi Macrobiotics, & Saul Goodman's Shiatsu Shin Tai. 
Students from all parts of the globe study & practice Shiatsu here at the International School of Shiatsu.  If you have a desire to help others and to improve your own life,  study Shiatsu! If you've never experienced Shiatsu, attend our clinics, a Beginner's Weekend or find the nearest I.S.S. graduate and feel the difference in your own body immediately.  Shiatsu takes into consideration the whole life story of the receiver, personally nurturing each individual, thus enabling them to live their optimal potential.

         1. Train, nurture and support our students while developing their skills to               become excellent practitioners of Shiatsu and Shiatsu Shin Tai.
         2.  Provide on-going training and support in advanced bodywork.
         3.  Provide the experience of Shiatsu to the general public. 
         4.  Educate the public to improve wellness and lifestyle choices.
         5.  Provide a training program for teaching assistants.
         6.  Train, nurture and support  teachers of  Shiatsu.




  Shiatsu is an energy-based  therapy that originated within the Asian Healing Arts. It incorporates the theory of acupuncture which proposes that energy, known as "Chi" ( or "Ki") moves through the body along well defined passageways called meridians. Creating balance in these energy flows is considered to be essential for health and well-being. Shiatsu, which involves application of pressure on energy points and energy pathways, has been found exceptionally effective for stress-reduction, reducing fatigue and alleviating a wide spectrum of symptoms.








Shiatsu Shin Tai, created by Saul Goodman, releases deep stress patterns within the body and recovers life force energy, allowing the client to live more fully in the present. Saul's courses are available to bodyworkers who have completed a minimum of 300 hours of study.






Why study Shiatsu?
Shiatsu offers an antidote to our stress-filled  lives. Touch is essential to life! The faster the pace of living, the more exhausted we become. We live on adrenaline,
Our fast paced society has immediate access to all forms of communications, yet people find their lives empty, their careers unfulfilling. They seek more from life, not sure how to find it. There is an overwhelming need for bodyworkers who are the catalyst for change. By bringing the receiver's attention to their bodies, people begin to seek healthier lifestyle choices.  


Who studies Shiatsu?
Anyone interested in energy work, seeking change may be attracted to shiatsu.
Students, ages 18 to 73, from  many varied backgrounds find shiatsu a powerful protocol for transformation. In the Beginner's Weekend, Intro to Shiatsu, students learn to apply palm and thumb pressure following the sequence called Whole Body.
Students also learn Do-In, an ancient technique for self-development as well as theory and philosopy of Shiatsu.  Adding Do-in to daily practices brings great changes to the physical body. Using the Whole Body sequence to help family and friends brings greater awareness of body mechanics and brings out the potential  of  shiatsu  to create greater community health and wellness.

Students of Martial Arts, who are already familiar with the concept of energy, seek to learn the healing qualities of energy. Yoga instructors, nurses, physical therapists, and teachers are attracted to Shiatsu and find many ways to integrate the material to enhance their current career path.

Continuing education hours are available for those who need NCBTMB hours for renewal of licenses. Contact the school for available courses. Check with your association to be sure they'll accept our CE hours.

Click here to see our complete course listing.

Open House
Come to visit Shiatsu Center and the Doylestown.  Observe the students and feel the energy in the classroom.  Ask questions and share some time with the current students. Bring your family too.  As our thank you, you'll receive one free session at the clinic. Future appointments in student clinic are  $35. Reservations required as we limit the number of observers.  215-340-9918. 
Contact us.

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Time commitment:

The Shiatsu Foundation and Practitioner Programs are more than 700 hours. Students may take one course at a time or take several courses in one semester. By taking intensive format courseses, it may be possible to complete the first part in seven months. Depending on your background, it may be possible to complete the entire program in 24 months.  However, the information is intense and most students take about 30 months.

The Foundation Program, 300 hours, of Shiatsu technique, hands-on practice, development and refinement of skills. If started intensives are taken in  January or July,  it is possible to take all three levels and complete this program in 10 months. Students receive a certificate for completion of Foundation Program.

After completion of the Foundation Program, students enroll in The Practitioner Program. Students refine skills, learn advanced techniques, and gain clinical experience and professional confidence. This level requires 18-24 months,  courses are usually on weekends and some weekdays.

Some students require a longer period of time for studies, please see the Director of Admissions to select the best schedule for your needs.

Housing:  Students are responsible for their own arrangements for housing. Request the local housing list. We recommend that students make housing arrangements as early as possible. 

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